Feeling stuck in counselling
We often feel ‘stuck’ in our everyday life. We might feel unable to move forward, find solutions, or feel relaxed. This often leads to increased anxiety and confusion. Feeling stuck can also be a frightening experience.

It is also perfectly normal to feel stuck when going through the counselling journey. When feeling stuck, clients sometimes feel that the counselling isn’t working. This is understandable. We all want to see and feel continuous and regular improvements and changes. But rest assured, feeling stuck in counselling is actually very therapeutic. During this time lots of healing is taking place. Just stay with it; allow yourself to listen what the ‘stuckness’ is trying to tell you. Often this process can teach us a lot about ourselves.Talking through these with your counsellor will help you to make more sense of the situation, and this will assist you to unravel the ‘knotty’ feelings.

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