Couples counselling
Couples counselling
Being in a relationship can be (and often is) hard work. The way we communicate and behave in relationships is influenced by our upbringing, our parents’ relationships, our hobbies/work/interests, stress in general – just to mention few. At times we are in a situation which feels overwhelming, and we can’t find a way out of it. In relationships these difficult situations are often brought in by the lack of effective communication; sometimes we shout at each other or we just turn our back and be passively aggressive; neither of these methods are particularly helpful as you can imagine. In order for the relationship to work, effective communication is the key.
Couples come for counselling for various reasons and in different stages – sometimes the couple might have hit the crisis point, or they have just come to a conclusion that external help and support could be beneficial in order to improve the relationship. Couples counselling is not about the individuals, it’s about the space between the individuals – this space is the relationship. During the sessions we look at this space, what’s in there, what’s not working and what is working, and what you both bring in to this space, and find ways of improving this space.
I offer couples counselling in Gamlingay (SG19) and in London (N11). Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or to book the first session.
Thank you.